Score Likelihood Ratio

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In forensic settings, Likelihood Ratios and Bayes Factor are used to compute probative value of evidence when assessing two opposing propositions. However, these methods require formulating a probability model that may be too complex or infeasible to estimate. The use of score-based likelihood ratios or SLR has been proposed as an alternative for this problem. Our work is center in two issues:

  • Evaluating the use of machine learning based SLR for forensic evidence.
  • Assessing the effect of dependence structured on SLR data and propose solutions.

I have worked on both project with Dr.Danica Ommen.

1. Evaluation of Score-based Likelihood Ratios in a Forensic Setting.

a.Evaluation of Score-based Likelihood Ratios in a Forensic Setting [Updated version submitted for publication].

b. Previous versions

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2. Ensemble of SLR systems for forensic evidence.

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Federico Veneri Guarch
Federico Veneri Guarch
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